Hello, my name is Babes Tan-Magkalas and I created DigiSaints.org for Christians who aspire to be saints in this digital age (hence the domain name, DigiSaints).

I started my online “adventure” way back in 2005 when I created my first website to honor my patron saint, St. Joseph. The site is StJosephSite.com. I actually started blogging in 2009 when I created my personal blog at BabesTanMagkalas.com. Through this blog, I am able to express my views about prayer, how to pray effectively, spirituality and of course, my devotion to St. Joseph.

If you want to check out all that I have written or created for the past 10 years or so (well, not really everything but the major ones mainly), click the button below:

How DigiSaints.org Started

The idea for Digisaints.org came out of a homily given by our Pastor, Fr. Mark Gatto, at the Corpus Christi site of the St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). In that homily, he talked about the biggest lie in the history of Christianity based on a book written by Matthew Kelly.

I remember sitting in the pew, listening as Fr. Mark was talking about how holiness is possible for everyone and that we are all called to be holy,  when I heard what I can only describe as “a voice without a voice”, like a gentle and peaceful thought that just came to my mind, saying: “This is what I want you to talk about.”

For the next months, I kept praying for God to guide me on how to start to talk about holiness. Honestly, I never even thought of writing about holiness before and I am not really a prolific writer who can just sit down in front of a computer and start typing when she wants to write about something.

At the start of the Lenten season  in March 2019, I re-read a book (I think that was the 3rd time I read it) by Michael Gaitely entitled “33 Days To Merciful Love” and in that book, he wrote about St. Therese of Liseux’s the Little Way.  Re-reading this book so inspired me that I turned on my computer and started writing the first few pages of an ebook which I entitled later on “How To Become A Saint, The Little Way, Short And Straight”.

I gave the finished ebook to people in my mailing list as a gift on Easter Sunday. You can get instant access to the black & white version of the ebook in the home page.

I got a lot of good feeback about the ebook and many emailed me and asked me if I can tell them more about sainthood.

So  I prayed and read a lot of books/ebooks about holiness but what really impacted me to structure DigiSaints.org along the lines of the Beatitudes is Pope Francis’  apostolic exhortation “GAUDETE ET EXSULTATE” (Rejoice And Be Glad).

After reading it more than once, I finally discovered how to obey that “voice” which told me to talk about holiness — I will talk about the Beatitudes!

Pope Francis refers to the Beatitudes in his exhortation as the Christian Identity Card and he defined holiness in terms of the Beatitudes. He said that in order to be good Christians, we must do, each in our own way, what our Lord taught us in the Sermon On The Mount. He also mentioned that we are called to reflect the heart of Jesus in our daily lives.


To spread the truth that holiness is possible for everyone by showing a way to live the Beatitudes that is usable, doable, and achievable; and to help people take inspired, committed and Spirit-led actions towards holiness


A growing global community of aspiring saints, living the Beatitudes and serving as models for Christian living