How To Be Holy Using An Authoritative But Simple Blueprint You Can Apply And Practice In Your Daily Life Without Feeling Overwhelmed Or Discouraged

(…Even If You Think You Can Never Be Holy Or Become A Saint!)


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Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, realized that you’re not getting any younger and asked yourself: “Where have all the years gone by? If I die today, will I go to heaven?”  And then your heart sank because you’re certain you’re far from being a saint.
Perhaps over the years, you have formed an impression that holiness is possible only for those who are strictly disciplined, rigidly self-controlled, endowed with extreme purity, and so on.  And since you are not any of the aforementioned, you think you just don’t have it in you to become holy.
Perhaps you have a genuine desire to be holy and are already on the path to holiness but the demands of your chosen vocation and the busyness of life just overwhelm you and make it difficult for you to keep moving forward.
Or perhaps you are like many of us who just get by,  have the intention to be good and do your best to do what is right but the problem here is oftentimes, your best just isn’t enough.
If you can identify with any of the above…listen up.

You don’t need to be mega-motivated or even hyper-driven to persist on your spiritual journey to holiness…or learn the secrets of how to be holy from a long-bearded hermit living in a desert or high mountain


If you’re into sports, you cannot win if you don’t master the basics.  And the same holds true in all aspects of life, including your spiritual life.
In fact, a major reason why you struggle to become holy is not because you almost failed to pass your religion or theology subjects in school  because half of the time you were sleeping!  It’s also not because you read the writings of the mystics and just couldn’t understand most of what you read. No!  It’s because you haven’t really practiced consistently the basics of being Christ-like.
But the good news is you don’t need to grope in the dark figuring out what the basics are in the first place.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has already given us a Holiness Blueprint which contains the basics of Christian living. 

And The Holiness Blueprint can be found in…drumroll please…Matthew 5: 3-10 which talk about the 8 Beatitudes. 
Pope Francis in his exhortation “Gaudete et Exultate” (Rejoice And Be Glad),  also defined holiness in terms of the Beatitudes.  In the third chapter of his exhortation, he said and I quote:

There are lots of books, articles, sermons and commentaries about the Beatitudes and reading them can stir in you a desire to be holy.

Most available information on the Beatitudes lack an easy to understand and follow guide that would turn your desire to be holy into tangible progress.

Most available information on the Beatitudes, while rich in encouragement and detailed  explanations of what the Beatitudes mean fall short when it comes to having a structured, doable and attainable approach and guide to living the Beatitudes that, if followed, can make you move forward on your journey towards holiness or sainthood.
And That’s What I’m offering YOU:  My brand-new DigiSaints Program – Practical, Point By Point Guide YOU Can Use To Move Forward On Your Spiritual Journey
This program is easy to follow, no over-complication, that’s for sure. You will get access to program materials one Beatitude at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and give you time to practice the “basics” of each Beatitude.
Now, I’m not saying that the journey to sainthood or holiness is easy but it doesn’t have to be rigid, stressful, and overwhelming. On the contrary, it should be a joyful experience.
So I’m not going to overwhelm you with a ton of information, I’m just going to give you exactly what you need to take the next step as you need to take it.

What’s The Thinking Behind This Program?

The DigiSaints Program is designed to move your needle of spiritual growth – from being aware of what holiness is to understanding fully what it entails and then taking a leap of faith and making a commitment towards holiness and then taking action to be holy by living the Beatitudes.
You will be aware of and understand what holiness truly is and isn’t which will straighten right away any misconceptions which you may have about holiness, and remove any belief that may discourage you and make you think that you can never be holy or become a saint! But it doesn’t stop there…
You will also be able to reflect and know how you are doing in terms of living the Beatitudes, and start taking action by applying or practicing the Beatitudes in your daily life.

So What’s Included?

The DigiSaints Program is delivered using various formats to accommodate different learning paths. So there are:
  • Videos (if you’re a visual person and learn better by watching videos)
  • Transcripts (in PDF format if you prefer to read)
  • Audios (in mp3 format if you prefer to listen – in your car, at the gym, while walking, anywhere)
  • Digital Checklists/Journals – if you prefer to type in your responses/entries using your desktop, tablet or other mobile devices and be able to save them
  • Printable Checklists/Journals – if you prefer to print them and handwrite or manually enter your responses/entries
These program materials are compact and no-fluff  so you watch/read/listen to them quickly, do certain steps easily and be ready to move on to the next step.
You will:
  • Have Clarity and Peace of Mind Knowing How To Get To Your Eternal Destination. When you need and want to go somewhere, don’t you feel calmer and more relaxed when you know exactly how to get there? The DigiSaints Program will show you the road that leads to holiness.
You will learn the What, Why And How of Holiness based on the Pope’s apostolic exhortation, Rejoice And Be Glad. I have condensed this 46 pages, 177 paragraph papal document into 5 easy to understand 10 minute or less videos, complete with transcripts and audios.
  • Feel Confident That You’re In The Right Path. There’s nothing like learning from the words of the Master himself. The DigiSaints Program uses the eight (8) Beatitudes as the roadmap to holiness.
Together, we will take a friendly walk through the Beatitudes.  We will look at each one of them, savor the words, mull over the promises to know how Jesus Himself defines holiness and teaches us the way to make them the hallmark of our lives.
  • Be Better Prepared For Your Spiritual Journey As You Get To Identify Your Spiritual Strengths And Weaknesses. You will be using the Beatitude Checklist, an awareness tool I developed to make you more aware of your weaknesses and strengths as you apply the basics of Christian living. Each Beatitude has its own checklist so there are 8 Beatitude Checklists altogether.
  • Experience Tangible Progress Towards Holiness. Do you want to know the difference between motion and action? Well, if you want to write a book for example, the motion is you research your book idea, while the action is you write one sentence. Motion feels like progress but action is progress!
In the DigiSaints Program, you will start taking action by applying or practicing the Beatitudes in your daily life. You will be using the Beatitude StayOnTrack 40-Day Journal to track your progress and to journal. As with the Beatitude Checklists, there is a separate Journal for each Beatitude, so 8 Beatitude StayOnTrack 40-Day Journals in total.
Don’t worry if you’re not into journaling. This Journal is not a traditional kind of journal. When I designed it, I wanted it to be not just easy but fun. I bet you, you haven’t seen or used a journal like the Beatitude StayOnTrack 40-Day Journal before.
  • Be Part Of A Supportive Community.  You will have access to a Private Forum where you can meet other people who are in the same spiritual journey you’re taking, you can share your struggles, lift up or encourage others, ask questions, etc.
I firmly believe that the journey to heaven, the journey to holiness is easier if we take this journey together as one community, all working towards one major goal – to be holy/become saints. Holiness is more achievable as a community. Much of our spiritual growth comes in the context of relationships, not just with God but others.

You may ask…Is This For Me?

I can’t answer that for you obviously but please allow me to show you something, just to put things in perspective…
Imagine this is a timeline in the context of eternity:

Do you see that teeny weeny portion marked by 2 brown vertical lines? That  is our earthly life. The other, much much bigger portion of the timeline, the long red line up to infinity is our eternal life.
Yet, many of us focus their attention on their earthly life alone. That eternal mindset is simply not there.
So at this point, let me ask you – do you have an eternal life plan? Do you have a plan in place for your eternal destiny?
I cannot guarantee that you will be holy or become a saint if you participate in the DigiSaints Program. Only God can make you a saint and He gives you the grace to be holy. But you have to learn how to cooperate with that grace.
The choice is yours.
See you on the inside…
Babes Tan-Magkalas
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P.S.  Life is short! And the older we get, the more it feels like each day is bringing us closer and closer to our last.  Our God calls us to holiness. Let us respond to that call without delay, before it’s too late!